Our Tattoo Shops

Monsta Ink Tattoo Studios

We currently have 2 Tattoo Shops in Durban, South Africa with our amazing artists Bianca and Louise.

We also have three professional Body Piercers by the names of Kyle, Josephine and Joy.

our Tattoo and Piercing Studios are located at:

uShaka Marine World – (031) 332-0796

The Pavilion – (031) 265-0114

Ushaka Marine World

Ushaka Tattoo Shop

Pavillion Shopping Centre

Pavillion Tattoo Shop

Monsta Ink are registered Tattoo and Piercing studios.

Our staff at Monsta Ink are all qualified Tattoo and Piercing Artists with Certified Certificates.

Monsta Ink staff does their utmost to serve customers to the best of their ability with respect.

Monsta Ink staffs have a 1 on 1 relationship with customers and make them as comfortable as possible with what they choose as a tattoo design or body piercing.

We accommodate all tattoos from:

  • Custom designs (for those who want something unique)

  • Cover-ups (for those that are either bored with their design or incorrectly inked)

  • Temporary Tattoos (to satisfy the needs of children that want to be a part of the tattooing experience)

All Monsta Inks Tattoos and Piercing equipment is correctly sterilized and Tattoo and Piercing needles are all opened in front of customers to reassure them that the needles are not reused.

The studio has a large range of body jewellery that is restocked every year.

We hope that you will come get inked with us to begin a loyal tattooing relationship that will last throughout your tattooing experience.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you at our Tattoo Shops

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