Piercing Prices


Ear Lobes -R50 each Lobe

Upper Ear -R250

Tragus -R250

Daith -R350

Labret (Lip) -R250

Nose -R250

Navel(Belly) -R250

Tongue -R250

Eyebrow -R250



Nipple -R350

Industrial -R350

Surface Piercing -R350

Micro-Dermal -R450 (By Appointment Only)

Genital -R450 (By Appointment Only)

Septum -R350

Smiley -R350


All our piercings are done with a brand new sealed single use needle.(Which is disgaurded after use).

All prices are inclusive of a Standard Body Jewellery piece and we use an anaesthetic for each piercing.

All our Piercers have been through an extensive Body Piercing course and have done their apprenticeships through us.

For any further information on any Piercing enquiries, feel free to contact us via Email, Submit a question or by Phone call.