Brent Chapman

Hi my name is Brent and I am the resident Artist at Monsta Ink Tattoo Studio at The Pavilion Shopping Centre.

I have always loved the idea that you could design a form of art and be able to put in on a human beings body. And it could never just be crumpled up and thrown away in a bin.

The fact that that person is going to wear that artwork that you have done on their bodies for the rest of their lives really takes it to a deeper meaning for me.

I am 22years of age and have been Tattooing for 4 years.

I enjoy a style of Tattooing that most artist fear and turn a blind eye towards.

And that is FONT (Script)  Personally it’s my idea of a really difficult tattoo. You have to be precise in every way.  Every bit of writing has to be perfect down to the perfect lines and shading, to straight or slanted font. which is pretty much the “Fundamentals” of tattooing.

If i could give any advice to anyone that is wanting to get a tattoo, It is to think about the design carefully and not make any hasty decisions, as it is  very much a life making decision. Tattoos are not there for a little period in you life, They are PERMANENT. So make the best of it. No Regrets

I look forward to seeing and making friends with you guys soon, So even if its a little hello come buy to our shops and come see us. I am in the studio 5 Days a week from 9am-5pm.