Tristan Bush (Owner)

Hi My name is Tristan and i have been tattooing for 9 years.

My story begins with the reason why i became a tattoo artist , Art has been my passion through my life and i really enjoy the idea of doing art on people bodies and making them unique individuals.

I did my apprenticeship through Eagle Tattoos and then through lots of hard work and dedication I became Manager of the shop until i opened up my own business with my wife. We bought eagle tattoos at uShaka and transformed it into Monsta Ink, a studio with character and 1st class customer care.

We aim to please customers by helping them choose or design a tattoo that they will be happy with for the rest of their lives.

I have been recognised as an artist internationally. I have regular customers that come from over seas to get tattoos done by myself.I strive to become a better artist every day by exploring beyond the boundaries, for example i have participated in Ink and Iron convention in 2013 and have competed against the very best tattoo artists in South Africa, I did the first tattoo live on air at East Coast Radio on Kyleigh Lazarus in 2014. Which has opened up a whole new level for me to complete. I’ve been recognised by other people and have been given great opportunities that i will be taking part in the future.